The Life of Entrepreneurship

What exactly is the life of an entrepreneur? It can be quite brutal at times, but there is also many upsides to it too!


James Greene

3/19/2021 3 min read

The Life of Entrepreneurship

Many people take on the challenge of starting their own business or side hustle, but the hurting fact for many is that they do not last. Does that make you a failure? Absolutely not! That is just your introduction to the Life of an Entrepreneur.

What Exactly does Entrepreneurship Mean?

In the end, it is what YOU make it out to be. There are many influencers out there that I am sure you have come across and they will show you their view, but that is not necessarily the view you need to follow. Being able to compile your own thoughts and the ability to think for yourself is an integral skill as an entrepreneur. Another aspect that you may find interesting is most entrepreneurs are willing to help others learn and build up their skills, even if you will be their competition some day. Some will even build a mentor relationship with you, taking you under their wing. The honest and brutal truth is being an entrepreneur is exhausting, stress inducing, and does not leave much free time. To the average person they would look at this and run far away, but there are the select individuals in the world who will take on all these challenges without second guessing. The challenge is what fuels them and makes them want to come back for more, hit after hit after hit. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone, but it can be if you are willing to make the sacrifices and devote the time to the workload.

Do Not Let Failure Bring You Down

"Do not fear failure, embrace it."

Failure is a part of life. If you are not facing failure, then you are playing it too safe or are in denial that you aren't truly putting yourself out there. We have all heard the phrase "Failure is not an option", but failure is always an option, you just can't be too scared to face it. There is no reason to be scared of failure, it is a pedestal for learning. All well known entrepreneurs have told their stories and each have failed in some aspect along the way, but they did not let that stop them. My company has faced its fair share of failures along the way, yet we continue to grow and expand. Take failures as a learning lesson, be able to adapt to the changing scenario, and realize why the failure happened to begin with and how it can be avoided in the future.

Do Not Expect Success to Come Overnight

You have to realize this is never going to be an overnight process. You have to plan for years of work, adaptations, and strategies. Uber for example was founded in 2009 as UberCab and here we are in 2019 and they just had their IPO in the recent weeks. At first no one believed an app could beat out taxis, now today we order our Uber or Lyft from an app while the taxi industry struggles. Same scenarios of challenges persisted with AirBnb, the Internet, and many other companies. It may be some time before you truly see the results you expect, which surely can be deceiving, but they will come eventually. Building a company takes time and trying to rush the process can end in a premature failure.

Follow Your Vision, Not Someone Else's

You have to believe in your vision or else failure is likely to occur. Following other people's visions may seem like an easy option or seeing a certain type of business model is succeeding more than others is tempting. However there are no shortcuts available, you have to work for it and put your own vision to action! In the end, you need to believe in the product you trying to put out on the market. Just think about it in the mind of a buyer, if you do not believe in the product or service you are providing, why would anyone else?

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