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Why Do I Need A Coach?

Starting and growing a business is the "Hard Part", there are so many distractions, setbacks, fears, competition, situations. It's no wonder that even the most passionate entrepreneurs deal with business issues like money, cleaning up their mess (es), stressed out life, on-going projects etc.? To solve those issues you need a coach to help you with your business. That’s why we exist. 

How Will You Help Me?

There is no one answer for all business owners. So, you have to do a lot of the work yourself and make it up as you go along? How about a business coach? A coach who will work with you to understand your personality and how that may affect your business. A coach who will work with you to create solutions for your business challenges. A coach who will help create solutions that not only help your business grow but also allow you to live the life you want (or one much better) within your business.

We Help You Achieve More

As founder, you are always tied down to the day-to-day activities of your company. You want help with a few management tasks that you are not good at. Imagine, accessing the help of a business coach that can assist you with an effective strategy for hiring the right team, setting up processes to save you time and effort, advise you on marketing strategy and more. One such business coach is James Greene. James has helped many startups like yours with business advice and coaching, building great teams and engaging customers. Our services are available to founders like yourself. Review our programs below and feel free to book a call with us to discuss how we can work together.

Coaching Programs

Unlimited Coaching

Unlimited Business Coaching is truly Unlimited. The biggest drawback of most coaching programs is being confined to a scheduled weekly or bi-weekly call (whatever the case is). Sometimes you need to discuss something tomorrow, NOT next week. You will never have to deal with an issue of not getting the assistance when you truly need it. This programs includes : Hands-On Implementation and Business Support, Access to all guides and resources, The ability to book coaching calls when you actually need it, Discounted Access to Contract Templates and many more benefits being implemented all the time!

This Program Starts at $3,000.

On-Demand Coaching

Not ready to commit quarterly? Use the pay-as-go Coaching model. Need help with your business, but don't need/not sure if you need hands on assistance? This is for you! You can easily book a 1-on-1 Call whenever you need for direct access to discuss topics/strategies for your business ranging from getting off the ground to issues you are currently facing. This is available for 1-Hour Sessions.

This is best for Entrepreneurs who want Business Coaching, but do not want to commit to a Quarterly Package yet. These can be booked straight to my calendar on a pay-as-you-go method. You will get all the benefits of discussing Business Strategy and problem-solving, but without the following hands-on help/implementation or Unlimited Access to business coaching.

One-Time Coaching Calls are $247. 


Feel Free to book a FREE 15-Minute Call to discuss what options are best for you and your business. This call is meant to get to know you and your business to see if we can help. Or feel free to send us an email!

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